• Anke Tusveld

Announcing a new program: Unlock hidden Potential

Super excited about the fact that I can announce a new program I am designing. For everyone who is fed up with the daily ratrace. For everyone who wants to add live to their days, instead of days to their life. Running in that hamster-wheel, there is so much we are missing out on.

Yes, rest and relaxation, but maybe more important, we are missing out on our most important asset, ourselves. Our compass, our authenticity, our inner spark.

This program offers you insights, instruments and courage to:

  • Identify your tendencies that hold you back; what are you doing that doesn't help you anymore? Some of us are consumed by measuring up to others to earn their value. Some of us are fighting to win, to win recognition from the outside world. Catching the patterns that hold us back already creates such an enormous freedom, but there is more.

  • Identify your hidden potential; when we learn to switch our focus from the outside world to our inner worlds, we re-discover qualities that have been submerged in the chaos of work-life. So instead of giving so much energy to old patterns that don't help you anymore, you will re-discover qualities that support you in your work and life. These days many any people, women and men, find back their intuition, compassion, creativity and inner wisdom. All qualities that have been undervalued in the dominant traditional business culture, however very important in future leadership.

Also, I am thrilled I found seven established business executives and experts that integrated this knowledge and these instruments in their daily business life. They will share their learnings with you!

Here, you can learn more on the program and find out how to register.

I would love to meet you!