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fit in or stand out

Do you recognize this?

Ambitious people usually walk in line with expectations of their company and society. They become experts in modeling the skills they think their company expects.

They excel in fitting in.


At some point in their career they start wondering:


  • Is this really me? Have I changed myself to belong, and while doing did I lose sight of my real self? 

  • Is this all I've got? I am only using half of my potential. How can I unleash my full potential? 

  • How can I start feeling as engaged and energized as I used to?




Fit in and Stand Out

How is your balance?

Do you fit in?

Or do you stand out? 

I’m curious. How is your balance?

Answer honestly. Do you excel at fitting in? Are you ignoring or postponing your dreams? Or maybe, you’ve lost sight of what your dreams and desires might be?

Do you say?

I should ... or I have to ...


Do you want to?

Please others

Meet expectations

Are you?

Secretly insecure

Ignoring your own feelings


Or do you say? 

Let's ... or I really want to ...


Or do you want to:

Make a difference


Or are you?

Authentic and confident

Vulnerable and true to your own



What if you would start standing out?

what if you would start standing out? 

At some point, ambitious leaders want to stand out, meaning showing up as themselves. They want to elevate their Authentic Leadership, because: 


  • They want to figure out their purpose, what they really want in life and work and start making a difference. They want to leave a legacy. 


  • Once they get to know their unique Talent-that particular thing they are amazingly good at-they unlock their creative potential and become extremely inspiring and vital to their surroundings.



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