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Are you advancing your career? 

Do you like the high energy environment of working life, while at the same time, you know this rat race isn’t what you dreamt for?

Amid meetings, projects, social life, have you been hearing a silent voice…

'Is this all you got?'

'Is this all there is?'

Maybe these Covid19 times have made you reflect? 

Why have you been holding back? What keeps you in this surviving mode for so long?


Online program:

Unlocking hidden potential

Have you ever wondered

how to be and

how to remain authentic in your workplace? 


Your antennas to tune in with the outside world demands might be developed really well.


But how about tuning in with yourself? Are you aware of your own feelings? Your own hidden potential?


Join us in exploring: 

What you actually feel in a certain situation?

What you hope for?

What your own hidden potential is?

What your unique, authentic talent might be? 


How to remain authentic when you are challenged by your surroundings? 

This online training program is developed to build the courage to do just that!

The goal of this 7-week online personal leadership program is to:

  • develop the courage to be authentic at work,

  • build an exploring mindset

  • use your full potential instead of half of it

It takes a lot of courage to develop your hidden authentic potential, hence there were good reasons to keep it inside, right? 

I designed the program with you in mind. I've seen so many times that people had beautiful insights while being on a retreat or training, and then....they came back at work and it almost feels as if they are taken over by events and are dragged back into the rat race.  


When you really want to make a change, the change needs to happen at work. 

So...I decided to design this online program that facilitates learning while you work, in other words learning in the arena itself!


Each week, you'll receive:

  • a Courage Class video, with theories and practices to develop your courage to show up authentically

  • 1-2 Exercises 

  • Mentor interview video; learn from established executives and experts

During this program, I will support you one day a week through Whatsapp; I will encourage you, answer questions and challenge you. I will make sure you stay connected and engaged.

You will surely feel inspired during this period of deep learning!

Design elements of the 49-day  potential program:

Website Potential Program (4).png


  • Theory of the 7 modules is based on:

    • Research and insights in my book, Fit in or Stand out - use your talent when it matters

    • Modern insights from Neuroscience (Neuroleadership Institute, New York)

    • A 13th-century Sufi meditation, Latifa, that consists of seven transformation qualities that have survived many eras

  • I am an ICF certified PCC Coach and have a Masters degree in Innovation Management​ which ensures a well-considered learning experience

  • 10 years ago, I designed the first online retreat for Leadership Institute de Baak, which tells I am fascinated by the fact of learning while working

  • Look for more info on my background

What results can you expect?





Build your courage to be and remain authentic

Explore your hidden potential

Increase your influence

  • You'll know the difference between your surviving mindset and your exploring mindset, in other words, how to not feel paralyzed by fear?

  • You understand the negative effects of your holding-back-tendencies 

  • You build the courage to lead from within, know what it brings to take a pause instead of reacting immediately

  • You build the courage to create, how to express yourself, your different ideas

  • You are inspired to explore new opportunities

  • You discover your hidden potential

  • You discover what holds you back 

  • You identify your unique Talent

  • You know how to integrate an instrument (15 min focus exercise) to tune in with yourself in a busy workday 

  • You know how to switch from survivor mindset (fear, feeling incompetent) to explorer mindset (curious, courageous)

  • You feel more relaxed, due to stepping out of the rat race a few times a week

  • Your inner compass grows; you build inner strength to deal with outer challenges

  • You feel more free, independent of outer challenges

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.43.06 AM_edi
  • You understand how these theories work in actual work situations, brought to action by established executives and experts.

  • Your influence increases:

    • You are inspired to take action 

    • You are encouraged to keep building your courage

    • You learn how to not be held back by the power dynamics within your organization

  • You feel part of a larger group of like-minded people who strive for inclusive, human workplaces. 

In this kitchen stocked with fresh food, why sit content with a cup of lukewarm water?

To summarize what this program will bring you in one sentence...

I am always inspired by Rumi, a poet, who already understood this dilemma in the 13th century: 

In this kitchen stocked with fresh food, why sit content with a cup of lukewarm water?


So...Let’s discover what your kitchen full of fresh food looks like! 


No more lukewarm water.


In other words, it might be time to deal with the stress,

it might be time to let go of the feeling of incompetence and unconfidence,

it might be time to stop the imposter-feeling and step out of the constant need to compete with others.  

It is time to explore your hidden potential and all the possibilities that come with that!

Are you interested?

This program runs on the online learning platform Thinkific, so you will be guided to their website when registering. 


  • Don't hesitate to email me to discuss if this program is the best fit for you and your situation.

Starting dATEs:

  • You can start anytime!

  • Contact me for more available starting dates for teams larger than 10 people


  • Time: within a 7 week period, it'll averagely takes you 2,5 hrs a week of dedicated learning. You are in the lead of how to spend this time; all at once, or dividing time between all days, all up to you!

  • 249 Euro incl BTW



  • How about the program's quality?

    • Since 2002, Anke Tusveld designs and trains in management /leadership training programs.

    • Also, she is a PCC coach, which means she is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

    • Anke is the author of the book Fit in or Stand out - Use your Talent when it matters - A book about authentic leadership.

    • Next to this, ten years ago she started to design online learning programs.

    • This program is based on both old and new. Old being the seven Latifa phases, Sufi wisdom that has been around for 7 centuries, and new being insights from neuroscience. 

  • Why is this an online program with on-demand classes and exercises instead of live?

Leadership programs in real-life are also life-changing. You can really disconnect and search for deep answers, however, you wouldn't be the first to feel discouraged to implement your newly found insights at work, back in the rat race.

This program teaches you insights while being at work. You'll receive exercises to experiment with and you can integrate the newly found insights about your hidden potential right away. 

This program is ​an excellent supplement to other leadership programs or coaching engagements. 

  • What do I need to do in preparation?

You can plan 15 minutes a day on your calendar from October 1st until Nov 19th. For the rest...enjoy the fact that you will focus on your own personal leadership for 7 weeks!

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