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Authenticity Enablers

Read the Authenticity Enablers and choose the one you think you could benefit from the most.
Read the chapter in the book Fit in or Stand out and plan to experiment with this Authenticity Enabler the next month. 
Tip: add reminders in your calendar!
# 1 - Disconnect to Connect:
  • Are you easily triggered by something in your environment, in such a way that it affects your authenticity?  
  • Do you desire to establish a true connection with yourself?
#2 - Owning our time, otherwise it’ll own us
  • Do you feel a slave of your calendar? Do your meetings overrule you and your energy? 
  • Was it long ago you felt really inspired and in flow?
#3 - Escaping our fixed reality boxes by unleashing our curiosity
  • Is it hard to escape the daily grind? 
  • Do you think your Talent doesn't match with your job description? Do you think your Talent hunches are to strange in your context?
#4: Daring to fall in order to fly
  • Is it hard to actually come up with Talent hunches? Are your Talent hunches too scary?
  • Did you ever experience the value of vulnerability?
#5: Connecting at eye level
  • Are you affected by your Talent receivers in such a way that you hold back? Or judge them?
  • In what way can you handle your emotional hassle when wanting to express your Talent in real life?
#6: Taking full ownership
  • Is taking space to express your Talent a challenge for you?
  • Are you proud and confident about sharing your Talent?
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